[MDF] Field Objects

Field Objects define rich value stores that can be used as selection values in Field Definitions. They are very similar to Field Definitions as they also consist of Data Attributes. Unlike Field Definitions, however, Field Objects cannot be instantiated directly on a Confluence page. Instead, they can be grouped together in a Field Definition via the Data Attribute "Field Object Selection". When creating a Field Instance, users can then select one of the previously assigned Field Objects as the value for the "Field Object Selection" attribute.


Structure and differences to other Data Attributes

Field Objects currently consist of exactly three, pre-configured, static Data Attributes. These are:

  • Description (Label)

  • Weblink (static)

  • Confluence page (static)

The term “static” refers to the fact that, unlike other kinds of Data Attributes, the actual value, e.g. a Weblink URL, must be determined when the Field Object is created. These values will then be displayed on all Field Instances containing this Field Object and users won’t be able to change them per Field Instance.

You can think of a Field Object as a rich kind of predefined, un-changeable value. Since multiple Field Objects can be attached to a Field Object Selection Attribute within a Field Definition, users may select one of these predefined values in their corresponding Field Instances.



Use Case: Team Roles

You could create Field Objects for different kind of roles in your team. For example, you would create Field Objects for the roles Scrum Master, Product Owner, Developer and Tester. For each one of them, use the Label Attribute for a role description, Weblink and Confluence page to link to an external description and to your own, internal role documentation in your Confluence instance.



Use Case: Application Systems

Create Field Objects for different kinds of application systems. Use Label for a short description, and use the two link Attributes to link to the application portal and an internal documentation.